Andre Petit Petite Champagne L14

Andre Petit Petite Champagne L14 40%

1914. WWI has just started. So here is the Andre Petit Petite Champagne L14
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Andre Petit Petite Champagne L14 40%

From Berneuil with Love

Well, here is another unique piece of history. Back in 1914, vines that have provided this cognac were located in Petite Champagne, but they’ve been downgraded for politico-economical reasons, and now they’re Bons Bois vines. This one has been put in demi-John probably more than a decade ago.

Colour: Mahogany, amber lights. Regular medium tears.

Nose: Stunning heady rancio at first. Full of citruses and fresh leather scents. Rhone Valley red wine notes, typical red fruit/berrie scents of Cote Rotie wines. Very tobacco-y too. Full of balsamic notes in the background. Hints of oaky scents arise, mainly on burnt wood. Delicious spicy shades of cinnamon and bourbon vanilla. Light fruity notes of vine peaches and litchis. And now you get a creamy ranch on apricot yoghurt and creme brulee.

Mouth: Oily texture carrying roasted notes of bitter chocolate and roasted hazelnut. Still, some balsamic notes, but a bit hidden by heavy oaky aromas. Liquid spruce. It seems that the wood had eaten a great part of this venerable PC. Too bad, because its nose has undeniable qualities. But could it be better with more air?

Last Notes: Full of dried prunes and raisins now. Gentle honeyed notes on beeswax. Burnt scents of roasted sesame seeds and roasted black pepper. Back of the palate, it’s nicely balanced fruitiness (plum liquor) and honeyed tones. Nice notes of white Burgundy wine on buttery and nutty aromas. Raisins and prunes are here, matching the nose impression. It ends on dry chestnut and walnut oil.

Well, I have to admit that I was expecting a bit more of this Petite Champagne L14. It evolves nicely with air, providing great dried fruit notes and a delicious rancio, but it feels like it has spent too much time in its cask (event if it has been poured in demi-John years ago). But it remains a very moving experience to taste a 1914 cognac, for all the historical facts that it implies. 

My very subjective note: 88+/100

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