Armagnac Veuve Goudoulin 1976 40%

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Armagnac Veuve Goudoulin 1976 40%

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I’ve already tried two old armagnacs from Veuve Goudoulin. I also have really nice memories of an armagnac from 1976, a splendid Tenareze that I will review soon, but today we’re talking about a Bas-Armagnac. 1976, B.A, 40%. Let’s go!

Colour: Dark amber, gold lights. Irregular medium tears.

Nose: Full of toasted and roasted notes at first. Great toffee scents. Heady blood orange smells. Medium wood influence. Cooked prunes and plums. A little briny on olive oil. Nice warm spiced notes on caraway and ras-al-anouth.

Palate: Oily texture, typical armagnac rustic aftertaste. Full of raisins and prunes cake notes. Orange zest jam and a few other citruses notes. Medium mouth length. Dusty wood plank notes. Imprecise rancio on wet undergrowth shades. It ends on plum eau-de-vie aromas.

Last Notes: Full of fresh coffee beans and cocoa powder scents. A tad of flowery notes, especially on potpourri. Nice candied citruses smells too. Back on the palate, you find an unprecedented freshness on zan and fresh licorice. Dried apricot and fig mix. It ends on nutty shades, especially roasted almonds.

This 45yo Bas-Armagnac shows some nice features with a rustic side fighting with round fruity notes. Light rancio. I miss a bit of finesse and complexity to go further.

My very subjective note: 86+/100

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