Aubineau Grande Champagne 1957 48%

Very old G.C vibes.

Aubineau Grande Champagne 1957 48%

Lost in G.C  

First review of a cognac from Aubineau on Hors d’Age. Full G.C, 63yo, 48%. Promising data, let’s taste this one!

Colour: Dark amber, orange lights. Regular heavy tears.

Nose: Heavy rancioted notes at first. Full acidulous exotic notes on mango juice and strawberry stew. Nice freshness on eucalyptus. Dark profile with fruity accents. Not the easiest to get, but what a rancio here! Bitter chocolate and cocoa powder scents. Full of heady notes, mainly potpourri and blood orange perfume. Chocolate and nutty notes that are faking a sherry whisky nose. Wind of freshness again, this time on cooked fennel and peppermint. Hints of leathery smells too.

Palate: Oily texture. Perfect acidulous fruity notes, following nose impressions. Bang. Full of banana stew and papaya aromas. A little dry aftertaste on nutmeg powder. Massive rancio on old leather and cedar wood notes. Nice cigar box shades. Acidulous fresh P.C that are reminding me la Corbeille de Fruits, but with darker shades. A little lack of complexity but a very pleasant mouth length on roasted walnuts and bitter chocolate.

Last Notes: Still some heavy chocolate scents. Dusty cellar notes. Confirming my first impressions, you find a dark profile, a kind of intellectual Grande Champagne. Introspective rancio. Still some floral shades on potpourri and jasmine. Back on the palate, you get round mango stew notes. Elegant rancio, a bit similar than Navarre’s, but less talkative even with higher ABV. Roasted walnuts aromas surround by precious wood notes. Still some lingering acidulous fruity notes on litchi and papaya. It ends on musky shades and soy sauce.

Dark, intense and very pleasant, this venerable G.C has some serious qualities. I miss a bit of complexity to go with something around 91.

My very subjective note: 89/100

Thanks a lot Loris!

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