Audry Exception 43%

Third Audry on Hors d’Age!

Audry Exception 43%

Master blended Champagne 

Third Audry on Hors d’Age. I was already convinced with the “young” Napoleon, it’s time to taste something a bit older . 40-60yo, 60% G.C, 40% P.C, 43%. What could go wrong? 

Colour: Mahogany, orange lights. Medium irregular tears.

Nose: Heady mango juice notes at first. Extreme fruity scents. Massive tropical fruits wave. You also get rich sherry cask whisky nutty and oxydated notes. Old leather scents in the background, but it remains a fresh nose, and it’s always very impressive to see this kind of freshness for 40-60yo cognac. But Grande Champagne you know…Hints of tomato and carrot soup too.

Palate: Oily texture. Still massive tropical fruits notes. Mango juice, cooked bananas. Caramelized pineapple. Wow. Stunning rancio on acidulous tropical fruitiness. Incredible mouth length regarding the ABV. Mushroomy aftertaste. Evolutive rancio, and you get progressive very old pineau notes through the tasting.

Last Notes: Fresh orange juice notes. Insolent youngness in this nose. Various candied citruses scents. Hints of bergamot. Orange liquor. Bright honeyed tones. Back on the palate, you get an intense rich notes of honeyed orange zest. You feel the oak influence now, but it remains very well-balanced. It ends on acidulous tinned peaches and overripe apricots aromas.   

Maybe a little lack of depth and precision. But what a kind of Fine Champagne. Perfect assemblage. Not an absolute banger but a very nice expression of old G.C/PC.

My very subjective note: 90/100

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