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Audry Napoleon 40%

First Audry on Hors d’Age

Audry Napoleon 40%

Refined Fine Champagne? 

First Audry on Hors d’Age. 15-18yo, 50% Grande Champagne, 50% Petite Champagne, bottled at 40%. Let’s taste this Napoleon!

Colour: Old gold, green lights. Regular medium tears. 

Nose: Nice citruses notes at first. Full of candied orange peel and fresh lemon juice. Hints of nutty notes on fresh almond and dry walnut. Medium oak influence. You find a typical vivid freshness for a young G.C/P.C, with lemon zest and orange juice shades. A tad of verjus and fresh plums notes too. Light toffee/caramel smells in the background.

Palate: Light texture. Round fruity notes on tangerine and apple juice. A tad of bitterness in the aftertaste, something like fresh lemon juice bite. Light oaky mouth length on linseed oil and dry nuts. Hints of licorice and pannetone in the background.

Last Notes: Nice malted shades with air. Crispy cider apple notes and fresh plums again. Light flowery notes on orange blossom. Back on the palate, you find a great amount of young fruity notes, especially fresh pears and tinned quinces. Light spiced shades on bourbon vanilla and zan.

A fair Fine Champagne. Nice expression of G.C/P.C youngness. A little too oaky in my humble opinion.

My very subjective note: 84+/100

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credits: cognac-audry.com
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