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Augier l’Océanique 40,1%

Another wave of freshness on Hors d’Age! Here is Augier l’Océanique.
Augier l'Océanique tasting notes 2


Roaring freshness 

Founded in 1643, Augier is known as the oldest cognac house. After a long inactivity in terms of production, Augier was taken over by Pernod-Ricard circa 2010 and launched a brand new range in 2015 with a dedicated distillery (Le Maine-au-Bois, near Archiac). This range is made of 3 different cognacs : le Singulier (Fine Champagne), le Sauvage (Petite Champagne) and l’Océanique (Bois Ordinaires). 40,1%, 100% Ugni Blanc, aged in old casks, from Oléron island. Here is the Augier l’Océanique!

Colour: Hay, pale yellow lights. Regular medium tears.

Nose: Very young eau-de-vie. Heady smells of distillation. It remembers me a lot of the scents of a six months eau-de-vie that I tasted in Fradon’s cellars. Apple tart. Hints of caramel. Acacia honey. Candied citruses, especially on orange notes. A great freshness in the background, as a reminder of the cru, but I can’t say it is salty. Let’s check this thing on the palate.

Palate: Sweet texture. Fresh lemon juice. Then a gentle kick on orange zest caramel. Great mouth length probably because of the rich texture (distilled on the lies). Salted butter caramel. Again, I can’t perceive the saltiness here. Quite mineral for sure. Not the most precise palate ever but it’s highly drinkable.

Last Notes: Still very fresh with more air. Quite floral too, maybe a little on lavender. Warm sand, seaweeds. Beach please ! Green lemon zest. Few spicy notes, mainly on cardamom. Back on the palate. A subtle fruitiness on orange liquor. Astringent notes of pinesap and warm sand again (a little of common DNA with the Grosperrin Oléron N°90). A trace of nice bitterness in the back of the palate, something like fresh lemon juice.

This cognac is quite distillate-driven, I mean there’s almost no wood influence on this one (old casks) and I hardly think that’s a bold move from Augier to emphasize this young eau-de-vie and its specific terroir. Look at all the young VS/VSOP that are recolored and that are using boisé to mask their youngness.  It’s as if this Augier l’Océanique was giving a finger to all these fake beauties. 

Finally, this is a pleasant young Bois Ordinaires. An excellent quality-price ratio and probably a good pairing for seafood dishes. Obviously less complex than the V.T Bois Ordinaires Compte 10 but this Augier l’Océanique has its very own personality too.

My very subjective note: 86/100

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Augier l'Océanique tasting notes 2

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