Hors d'age Ballon d'Or 2022

Ballon d’Or 2022

Nothing but high-end quality cognacs in this new selection. Here is my Ballon d’Or 2022!

Ballon d'Or 2022 announcement

magnificent cognacs tasted over the past 12 months


Malternative Belgium #16 Le Roi de l'Automne


Malternative Belgium Le Roi de L'automne

This joint bottling with The Whisky Jury was compelling, and for the first Laurichesse tasted, it was a very solid one from their cellar. Hope I’ll try some other soon.

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Navarre Souvenir Imperial 40%


Navarre Souvenir Imperial

Navarre style is quite unique in the Grande Champagne area, and this Souvenir Imperial is a perfect example of this specific DNA. Subtle but with a wild rancio at the same time, I only miss a little more than 40% to go further the 90+ mark.  

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Malternative Belgium #13 La Boutique


Malternative Belgium #13 La Boutique Petite Champagne

Another Pieter’s treasure in this Ballon d’Or 2022 Top 10. I’ve to admit that I particularly love ’60s Petite Champagne cognacs, and there is no exception with this one. A stunning Lot 69 delivered at the perfect high (45,2%) with delicious herbal and fruity notes.

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Grosperrin Petite Champagne 1970 50,8%


Grosperrin Grande Champagne N°90 Hors d'Age tasting notes

Still in the Petite Champagne area, but this time from the ’70s. This Grosperrin millesime combines an extreme finesse to a great evolution through the tasting. Very different from the Vallein Tercinier PC Lot 70, but almost in the same league. 

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Swell de Spirits #1 Fins Bois 52-22 46,6%


Swell de Spirits Fins bois 52-22

What a kind of Fins Bois! Even if I preferred Grosperrin’s version (you’ll see below), it’s just a matter of details, and it’s for sure one of my favorites from this cru. Truly astonishing and convincing. 

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Swell de Spirits Borderies N65 56,7%


Swell de spirits Borderies 65 Grosperrin 56,7%

Even better than the OB version? Yes Sir! This gorgeous Borderies from Grosperrin’s cellars has many things to say. From its tea-ish shades to its heady flowery bouquet, this is a true piece of art that your palate can host. Great selection Mika!

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Prunier G.C Lot 40 55%


Prunier Lot 40 hors d'age tasting notes

With its perfect balance between fruitiness and spiciness, this Prunier Lot 40 can easily pass for a younger Grande Champagne. 81yo, 55%. That’s insane. Sorry for this rude comparison, but it’s a kind of cognac p*rn that has been bottled for Passion for Whisky. 

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Grosperrin Fins Bois 52-22 46,5%


Grosperrin Fins Bois 52-22 Hors d'Age

As previously said, this FB 52-22 is an absolute banger. This OB version owns this very specific mix of mentholated notes and acidulous fruity aromas that always got me. Still remains one of the best noses I’ve ever smelled.

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Grosperrin Bons Bois N°38 42,8%


Grosperrin Bons Bois N°38 hors d'age tasting notes

I haven’t tasted many Bons Bois since I began my cognac adventure, but this one will last forever in my memory. Stunning herbal notes, wild farm scents, incredible freshness. N°38? Really? Top-notch non-G.C cognac from Courbiac street, but we’re kinda used to this unreal quality from Grosperrin. However, let’s be crystal clear, being used to doesn’t mean being bored here.

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Vallein Tercinier Grand Rue 34 42%


Hors d'Age cognac tasting notes

And here is the Ballon d’Or 2022. Following the 2021 trend, this year the winner is from Grande Champagne again. But this one is a bit older than Le Cognac de Regis with its venerable 80yo. 

What can I say about this Grand Rue 34? I love its extreme fruitiness, the way it’s constantly evolving into the glass, its multiple umami shades, and its elegant floral notes. Everything. 

Definitively, one that can be stored on my all-time favorite spirits shelf.  

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