Cognac Bertrand Napoléon tasting notes 2

Bertrand Napoléon 40%

Another one from Brissons de Laage estate. Here is the Bertrand Napoléon!
Cognac Bertrand Napoléon tasting notes 2


Réaux-sur-Trèfle, part 2. 

A 20yo Petite Champagne from Brissons de Lange estate. Their 5yo VS was quite convincing, so let’s taste this Bertrand Napoléon!

Colour: Gold with orange lights. Regular heavy tears. 

Nose: On young melons at first. Oh yes, this is rancioted. It’s quite fruity and sugary. Strawberry and cola sweets. Cherry sweets too. The P.C DNA is here. Marasquin cherry. Some fresh white mushroom scents in the background. There is a great freshness too, maybe something like basil. Hints of fresh ground coffee. Now: the palate! 

Palate: Sweets texture. A nice fruity rancio to welcome you on board, especially on cherry sweets and peach syrup. Quite buttery. Some obvious mushroom aromas. Bang! With its little acidity and these mushroom notes, this cognac reminds me of some truffle olive oil. 

Last Notes: With more air, you get cherry syrup. It goes more and more exotic. Mango juice, banana stew. Fresh Kiwi juice. Prunes cake. It gets spicy and roasted notes, especially on nutmeg and cocoa powder. The palate is quite herbal and mushroomy. The mouth length is rather long. Prunes juice. Young melon. Watermelon juice. Delicious fruity notes. It ends on bitter chocolate. 

This Bertrand Napoléon is a true killer. A massive 20yo P.C with its strong personality. I can’t tell you the price, you wouldn’t believe me.

My very subjective note: 88/100

More info on Bertrands’s website 

Cognac Bertrand Napoléon tasting notes

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