Cognac Bertrand VS tasting notes

Bertrand VS 40%

Another VS but the first one from the P.C on Hors d’Age. Here is the Bertrand VS!
Cognac Bertrand VS tasting notes 1


Réaux-sur-Trèfle, part 1. 

A 5yo VS straight from Brissons de Laage estate, in the middle of the  Petite Champagne cru. Here is the Bertrand VS!

Colour: Pale gold, green lights. Small irregular tears. 

Nose: Quite flowery and peppery at first, especially on ginger ale. Candied citruses too. Lemongrass. Some shy acidulous notes, mainly on caramel/arlequin sweets. A great freshness in the background, a pleasant mix of tangerine peel and orange blossom. 

Palate: Sweet texture. Very caramel-y at first. Verbena infusion. Acacia honey. Pear syrup. Medium mouth length. Well, it does the job !  

Last Notes: Still peppery and still some acidulous notes. Nice freshness on peppermint. Caramelized plums and apples. Hints of pastry notes on the palate, mainly on apple cake. Candied citruses again. The mouth length is maybe a little too short. 

A nice one and probably a killer in a cocktail with its acidulous notes. But this Bertrand VS is a bit less convincing than the Vallein Tercinier VS, which is my favorite VS (at the moment). 

My very subjective note: 81+/100

More info on Cognac Bertrand website

Cognac Bertrand VS tasting notes 2

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