Cadenhead's 30yo Petite Champagne 52,4 Alternatif 3

Cadenhead’s Charpentier 30yo 52,4%

A very special Petite Champagne bottled by an unusual name in the cognac world. Cadenhead’s Charpentier 30yo 52,4% : The Malternative Paradox
Cadenhead's 30yo Petite Champagne 52,4 Alternatif 2

Cadenhead’s Charpentier 30yo 52,4%

The Malternative Paradox 

A 30 year old Petite Champagne

Colour : Full gold, brown lights

Nose : It’s very round. It begins with chesnut cream and orange caramel/orange zest marmelade. Yummy ! A little of bitterness (still something like orange zest ) but the fruitiness keeps the lead. Pineapple and banana jam. A dash of cider apple. A great freshness in the background, something like pinesap. A bit of the jamaican rum DNA or i’m foolish  (remember the Tiffon Grande Champagne) ? Some touch of vanilla cream in this fruity wilderness.

Palate : The texture is sweet, maybe a bit oily. It’s very round again. It goes on apple crumble and pineapple jam. Some bitterness replace this greediness. It’s very citrusy now with camphor and grapefruit juice. The mouth isn’t as long as expected, it finishes on licorice and burnt wood. 

Last Notes : The fruitiness is back ! It’s full of overripe melons, surrounded by apricots liquor. Hints of cereals. A great touch of violet. Previously I talked about rum, now I have the strange sensation of a bourbon (do you know the Weller 12yo ?), but it’s mostly for the nosing part. Scents of earl grey tea too. It ends on peppermint. 

A lot of expectations with the nose, a little of disappointment with the palate of this Cadenhead’s Charpentier. A greedy one for sure, but it’s too much unbalanced to reach the 89 points mark. 

My very subjective note : 88/100

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