Beaulon Fins Bois 1988 TTG 55,2%

Château de Beaulon Fins Bois 1988 TTG 55,2%

First Beaulon on Hors d’Age

Château de Beaulon Fins Bois 1988 Through the Grapevine 55,2%

Atypical Fins Bois?

It’s only the 2nd Trough the Grapevine bottling, after a convincing P.C from Fradon estate. It’s also the first Beaulon reviewed here. Located in the Fins Bois cru, they’re using various grapes, including Folignan, Colombard, and Montils.  This 34yo TTG bottling is a cask-strength cognac with a spectacular ABV (55,2%). Let’s go!

Colour: Orange, green lights. Irregular heavy tears.

Nose: Full of candied citruses and honeyed tones at first. Hints of floral notes. Spiced warm scents on gingerbread and cinnamon. Delicate tangerine notes. Refined nose with discrete oaky shades. Nice balance between fruity/floral notes and wood influence, which is not the case with every Fins Bois.

Palate: Oily texture with dry aftertaste. Round and fruity, with great caramelized plum aromas. Good mouth length provided by the high ABV (which almost seems at the right height). You find back some nice warm spiced notes. It ends on dry chestnut and fresh almond. I miss a bit of depth and precision here.

Last Notes: Noble oaky notes on humidor scents. Obvious tobacco notes now. You still find lingering fruity notes, but you mostly get warm spiced as previously perceived, like cumin and caraway. Back on the palate, you find unprecedented bitter chocolate notes. Nice gingerbread and marzipan aromas in the aftertaste.

It’s not the most expressive old FB ever, but it’s a nice kind of rustic cognac.

My very subjective note: 87+/100

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Thanks Luke and Roberto!

Beaulon Fins Bois 1988 TTG 55,2%
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