Montifaud VSOP tasting notes Hors d'Age 2

Château de Montifaud VSOP 40%

4th and final step of this Special P.C Week. Here is the Montifaud VSOP!
Montifaud VSOP tasting notes Hors d'Age 2


Another P.C VSOP 

I tried the L50 Heritage Louis Vallet sooner in this Special Petite Champagne Week. It’s time to taste something younger in their range. This one is around 10yo. Here is the Montifaud VSOP!

Colour: Pale gold, green lights. Medium regular tears.

Nose: Herbal notes slightly honeyed at first. Some fruity sides, mainly on pear/apple juice. Shy candied citruses scents in the background. Tinned pears. Green tea. Potpourri. A tad on cereals notes. Not the most expressive nose ever but it does the job.

Palate: Sweet texture but with a tad of acidity in the aftertaste. Plums liquor at first. Subtle notes of tinned pears again. Bitter orange. Young grapes. Lemon zest. The mouth length is a bit short. Hints of tangerine juice in the aftertaste.

Last Notes: Dry herbal notes with more air. Green tea again. Citruses infusion. Nice notes of cinnamon and vanilla. Great dash of tinned pears again. And the palate? It becomes a bit watery. Caramelized apple, acacia honey. Hints of earl grey tea. Mint infusion. It ends on shy thyme and rosemary aromas.  

Well, that’s a standard VSOP with few shortcomings. Quite a frustrating cognac. I’m a bit disappointing as it’s a 10yo+ P.C. This Montifaud VSOP is just a tad above De Charville VSOP in my humble opinion.

My very subjective note: 82/100

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Montifaud VSOP tasting notes Hors d'Age

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