Château de Montifaud XO tasting notes

Château de Montifaud XO 40%

Another old P.C on Hors d’Age. Here is the Château de Montifaud XO!
Château de Montifaud XO tasting notes


Extra Old Petite Champagne 

After the Napoléon Special Cigar, it’s time to taste another cognac from the Vallet family. This one is a 30yo+ P.C. Here is the Château de Montifaud XO!

Colour: Amber, gold lights. Regular heavy tears

Nose: Great notes of tinned citruses at first. Tinned pears too. Very fruity and honeyed. Apricots jam, pear tart, caramelized plums. Few caramel and nougat scents in the background.

Palate: Very sweet texture. Nice shot of various fruits, especially on apricots jam. Like the nose, the palate is quite honeyed. Nice bitterness in the aftertaste with a great mix of citruses juice: green lemon, grapefruit, orange zest. It ends with an interesting acidity, something between plums liquor and limoncello. 

Last Notes: With more air raisins have the best part of the nose, completed by a gentle freshness on cardamom and mint leaves. Delicious plums tart notes dominate the palate now. Hints of dried prunes. Great mouth length by the way.

Not the most precise XO I’ve ever tasted but we clearly feel the age of this one. Totally different from the Bertrand Napoléon (20yo+ P.C), this Château de Montifaud XO remains a good reflection of its terroir.

My very subjective note: 87/100

Montifaud’s website

Château de Montifaud XO tasting notes 2

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