Cognac Paris G.C 1984

Cognac Paris G.C 1984 37yo 62%

Not that close from the Eiffel Tower.

Cognac Paris G.C 1984 37yo 62%

From Paris with love? 

First cognac from this brand on Hors d’Age. Cognac Paris is owned by Guerbe, as far as I know. They’re located in Juillac-le-Coq, the very heart of G.C area. Cask strength (62%!), 37yo, and a splendid terroir. What could go wrong? 

Colour: Amber, gold lights. Irregular heavy tears.

Nose: Hints of chalky notes immediately followed by bright fruity notes on cooked apricots and young tangerine notes. A tad of floral notes on chamomile. Alcohol isn’t very well integrated and a light reduction could help this heady nose to show a better side. Hints of vine peach in the background. Hints of malted notes too. Heady potpourri scents.

Palate: Strong oaky notes on brand-new wood and linseed oil at first. Light fruity tones on orange zest jam. Very unbalanced. Nice nutty notes on toffee and almond pear aromas, but it remains a light counterpoint versus the bitter aftertaste on various oaky shades.

Last Notes: Even with two drops of water it’s a very heady one. Great citruses on notes on blood-orange and green lemon zest. Strange profile, as you get typical “young” (20-35yo) G.C freshness but you can’t perceive something beyond the massive oakiness (which is something you can’t predict judging only by the color). Back on the palate, you find an imprecise fruitiness.

Imprecise, excessive ABV, excessive oakiness. Too bad, because I hardly believe that a cask strength 37yo G.C from Verrieres or Juillac could taste way better than this.

My very subjective note: 82+/100

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Thanks Luke and Roberto!

Cognac Paris G.C 1984 62%
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