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Cognalternative Session #4

2 more mezcals on Hors d’Age!

Cognalternative Session #4

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Nuestra SOLEDAD MEZCAL LA CAMPANIA EJUTLA 2017 Edition n°39 41%

Mezcal Nuestra Soledad

This first mezcal is made from Espadin maguey and it has been distilled in 2017 by Gregorio and Gonzalo Hernandez and bottled at 41%. Let’s go!

Colour: Transparent, regular heavy tears.

Nose: Full of roasted pepper notes at first. You can also perceive a strong bitterness on yuzu and lemon zest. It is quite a civilized mezcal, with a tad of floral notes and its progressive evolution into the glass. Hints of saltiness too.

Mouth: Light texture, a little oily in the aftertaste. Few smoky notes are immediately replaced by gentle peppery notes and fresh notes on flowers (potpourri) and herbs (cooked thyme, parsley).

Last Notes: It gets more freshness with air, and you get melted scents of cardamom and eucalyptus. Surprising cereal notes. In some aspects, it reminds me a bit of some young grain whiskies with this kind of freshness. Back on the palate, it remains very simple, with fresh lime juice, Sichuan pepper, and light smoke. Weak mouth length by the way.

Cool mezcal but in my humble opinion, there is a lack of complexity and precision to reach a higher level.

2014 version reviewed by Serge Valentin




Derrumbes Durango mezcal 44,9%

A second mezcal, but this one with another type of maguey: Durango. It has been distilled in March 2021 by a Maestro Mezcalero named Antonio Panuco, also known as “El Tigre”. 

Colour: Transparent, light hay hints. Irregular heavy tears

Nose: Wild farm notes at first. Smoked pork meat, green olive tapenade, smoked herring. These savage notes are counter-balanced by a rich fruitiness on fresh peach and plum scents. A tad of nutty notes too with cashew nuts. Nice creamy notes with air, quite cheesy in fact (something like well-done Brie).

Mouth: An oily texture that is carrying ample saltiness. Still a generous creaminess on vanilla yogurt and Brillat-Savarin cheese. A nice fresh aftertaste on menthol notes. I kinda love this palate.

Last Notes: Still a rich nose on mascarpone and lemon peel jam. A tad of seaweed scents in the background. Great dried citruses note too. Back on the palate, you still get a nice mix of smokiness and saltiness. Coal smoke, black olives, samphire. It ends on anchovy and lemon zest.

Not the most complex spirit ever but what a personality! Such a funky palate that deserves a good mark on its own.


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