Cognac VS Courvoisier VS tasting notes

Courvoisier VS 40%

Here is the Courvoisier VS !
Cognac VS Courvoisier VS tasting notes


Back to basics (4/5) 

The youngest Courvoisier on the market. Let’s go! 

Colour: Gold, olive lights. Small regular tears

Nose: Focused on the caramel. Salted butter caramel/caramel syrup. Light touch of cider apple. Alcohol on final smells.

Palate: Light texture, a bit syrupy. Simple Syrup. Tinned pears. Caramel syrup. It ends very quickly. 

Last Notes: Apple syrup. Caramel syrup. Licorice. Sugar and sugar again. A little of hazelnuts and bread dough. It ends on acidic notes with fresh lemon juice.

My very subjective note: 72/100

With 1,5cl of tonic: Still on the caramel. Honey too. Few floral notes and almond pear complete the nose. Vanilla sweet, orange juice, and almond paste for the palate. A pleasant bitterness with orange zest on the aftertaste. A good one for cocktails, maybe less efficient than a Vallein Tercinier VS

Courvoisier VS note (very subjective and just for fun) with 1,5cl of tonic (/100): 77+/100

The Big Match with the most famous VS cognacs

More info on Courvoisier website

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