Danis 1988 GOTA

Danis 1988 GOTA 47,6%

100% Folle Blanche and Tenareze.

Danis 1988 GOTA 33yo 47,6%

Folle Blanche feat Tenareze 

After a convincing Rounagle 1986, it’s time to try another GOTA release. This 33yo armagnac is a 100% Folle Blanche Tenareze from Danis Estate and it has been bottled at 47,6%. Let’s go!

Colour: Old gold, yellow lights. Regular heavy tears.

Nose: Bright fruity notes enhanced by light honeyed shades. Nice spiced notes on caraway and safran. Fresh and peppery nose. Candied citruses note in the background. Nice pastry notes with air, as you get bourbon vanilla and croissant scents.

Palate: Dry texture with a light acidulous aftertaste. Still a bright fruity profile. Full of orange-zest marmalade and young plums. Relevant amount of oakiness here. Great mouth length too, with hints of fresh peppery notes. A little lack of precision in my humble opinion.

Last Notes: It has reached another level of complexity with air. Very elegant spiced notes, mainly on safran now. Full of opulent honeyed notes, with beeswax scents. Perfect patine. Back on the palate, you get a nice acidulous fruitiness on tangerine juice, but I still miss a bit of precision here. Light tobacco shades in the background.

That’s not an easy one to score. Quite shy in the beginning, this Armagnac has shown many great things through the tasting. But I find that there is real gap between the nose (89) and the palate (86+).

My very subjective note: 88/100

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Thanks Luke and Roberto!

Danis 1988 GOTA
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