Delamain Pleiade 40 and 1983

Delamain Pleiade 40 ans 1983 44,5%

Pleiade. Nothing to do with high-end literature. Or is it?

Delamain Pleiade 40 ans 1983 44,5%

Elegance at its finest

I’ve already reviewed a Delamain on Hors d’Age, but it wasn’t as old as this one. The cognac reviewed today comes from Verrieres, one of the most sought-after terroirs in the Grande Champagne area. So let’s see if this Delamain Pleiade millésimé will pay a nice tribute to his renowned motherland. 

Colour: Old gold, orange lights. Irregular heavy tears.

Nose: Wow. Stunning entrance with various shades. Heady rancio with a delicate bouquet of rosemary and cherry liquor scents. Madre mia. Acacia honey notes surrounded by fresh and mouthwatering green chartreuse smells. So much elegance in this G.C. Distinct acidulous and chalky G.C/P.C notes. Reminds me a lot of Grande Champagne N°90 by Grosperrin, also from Verrieres terroir, with subtle verbena infusion and honeyed tones. 

Palate: Bang! HRC again (Heavily Rancioted Cognac)! Herbal mix of thyme and bay leaves perfectly balanced with delicious acidulous notes of blackcurrant and strawberry juice. An oily texture that is carrying multiple shades of freshness and fruitiness. Musky rancio on goat milk and fresh leather. Stunning mouth length on myrtle syrup and cardamom. That’s way too much Mr Touteau! 

Last Notes: Still an outstanding rancio. You find mesmerizing white truffle scents combined to massive honey tones. Nice nutty shades on shea butter and almond paste. Perfect evolution through the tasting, and you still get some extra notes. It gains flowery scents on violet blossom and jasmine. Acidulous red fruits notes again. Stop it! Back on the palate, that’s another proof of elegance and richness. Heavy rancio on leather and acidulous blackcurrant aromas, exhausted by a great freshness on clove. Gorgeous mouth length. It ends on herbal funky fresh notes, with peppermint and clove aromas again, surrounded by a tad of Guyana rum resinous aftertaste. 

That’s a true G.C masterpiece. Elegance, complexity, richness. Everything is here. Fully Hors d’Age approved. A little less funky than Malternative Belgium’s La Fête (Voyer 1971, 43,3%, same terroir: Verrieres), but so much elegance with this Delamain. 

My very subjective note: 91/100

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Delamain Pleiade 40 and 1983
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