Fradon Lot 70 Through The Grapevine tasting notes 3

Fradon Lot 70 P.C Trough the Grapevine

First tasting notes of 2021. A 50yo Petite Champagne bottled by LMDW. Here is the Fradon Lot 70 !
Fradon Lot 70 Through The Grapevine tasting notes 4


Fradon enters the ring

Fradon is a cognac house located in Reaux sur Trefle, right in the middle of Petite Champagne cru. They’re producing Ugni Blanc, Colombard, and Folle Blanche for their cognacs and their standard XO is over 40yo. They’re also known to distill on the lies. This one has been selected by La Maison du Whisky for their cognac range called “Though the Grapevine” and is a Lot 70, which means this cognac is probably from 1970. Let’s go!

Colour: Brown, orange lights. Irregular heavy tears.

Nose: Very heady at first. Far more than other Petite Champagne like the Corbeille de Fruits by Malternative Belgium or the Serious Brandy Lot 62 (soon on Hors d’Age). More on roasted and woody notes. Chocolate sweets. Roasted hazelnuts. Toffee. Following the first sensations, it seems to be a warm one. Licorice sweets. Sandalwood. Cocoa powder, salted butter caramel. A great freshness too, especially on olive oil, eucalyptus essence, and pinesap. Ending on black pepper/ Sichuan pepper. Nice! 

Palate: Oily texture.  Toffee again. Caramel sweet. Salted butter. Licorice sweets. Grenadine. Light tobacco aromas. Fresh leather too. Burnt caramel, coal. This cognac has its very own personality. Acacia honey. A strong coffee aftertaste. Hints of fruit, especially on guavas and melon. Soft texture with more air. Very promising.

Last Notes: Spicy for sure. Caraway and paprika smells. Mango juice. Orange blossom. Floral and fruity scents. A creamy touch on chocolate and coconut milk. Less sweet-like than the Malternative Belgium Corbeille de Fruits and the Serious Brandy. A great freshness on mint syrup and eucalyptus, menthol too. Still spicy on cardamom and more citrusy on lemongrass. This nose with more air is exquisite. Back to the palate now. A great cake made of chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla at first. Then it’s a great wave of dried fruits, particularly figs. Still a sweet creaminess on almond milk and walnut pie. The ABV seems to be at the perfect height for this Fradon Lot 70. A strong rancio on caramelized nuts and hazelnuts. A little acidulous on the aftertaste and a great note of overripe fruits to finish!

It could have been another killer on the cognac market if the price was a bit lower. However, I can’t deny that this Fradon Lot 70 is truly a great product. A generous Petite Champagne, not my favorite but I can’t rate it under 89+.

My very subjective note : 90/100

More info on LMDW website

More info on Fradon website

Fradon Lot 70 Through The Grapevine tasting notes 2
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