Voyer 1993

François Voyer 1993 BDF 53,6%

From Verrieres with Love.
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François Voyer 1993 Brut de Fut 53,6%

From Verrieres with Love 

I’ve got some really nice memories from my visit to Voyer estate, but it’s been a long time since my last review of a cognac from their range. This one is a recent release, a cask strength vintage bottled at 53,6%. Let’s go!

Colour: Dark amber, orange lights. Irregular heavy tears. 

Nose: Bang. Triple bang. What a nose part! Mesmerizing rancio notes on red fruit jam and cola sweets scents. Full of tropical fruit then, as you get mango juice and roasted pineapple notes. Incredible youngness with obvious tinned quince and apple tones in the background. Hints of floral shades on rosewater and jasmine. Nice warm spice scents, mainly on ras-el-anout.

Palate: Oily texture with a dry aftertaste. Crazy acidulous rancio. Red berries juice, banana juice, overripe pears. Lingering fresh leather notes. Very discrete oak influence here. Never-ending rancio, evolving from its fruity shape to a glorious tea-ish bomb. Black tea aftertaste. And also this very old malt fruitiness (Lochside 1967 always in my mind when I get this type of aroma). It ends with violet sweets.

Last Notes: Very elegant nose. Even more floral now. Lovely heady perfume. Back on the palate, you still get an opulent fruitiness on red berries, with great notes of raspberry soup. Hints of spiced notes again, mainly on cumin and caraway.

And that’s what I call a banger. And it’s still a very young one! I mean, that’s a 30yo G.C from one of the best terroirs. And it actually feels like it can be aged for two or three more decades (at least). 

My very subjective note: 91+/100

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Thanks Romain & Morgan! 

Voyer 1993
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