François Voyer 2006 70th Velier

François Voyer 2006 Fût Unique 70th Velier 42%

François Voyer 2006, a Grande Champagne selected by Velier for their 70th anniversary
François Voyer 2006 Fût Unique Velier 2

François Voyer 2006 Fut Unique 70th Velier 42%

Voyer ft Velier

Colour : Light gold, olive oil lights

Nose : At first, it’s very syrupy. It focuses on tinned pears. There are hints of spiciness, something like pepper, cardamom and a little of cinnamon too. It’s acidulous too, there is a good dash of cider apple into this François Voyer.

Palate : Oily and sweet texture. On the palate, it begins with a wave of freshness. The after taste is full of acacia honey. This specific freshness combined to the honey reminds me a lot the taste of some very famous French cough sweets (winter is coming you know). The mouth is rather long and quite impressive for a less than 15yo cognac. It finishes on young melons and pineapples : I call more aging time to exhaust these exotic fruits ! 

Last Notes : The nose is fresh again. It’s more on licorice now. The palate throws some almond paste and cashew nuts,  still enhanced by a great honey after taste. It is very waxy.  The finish is acidulous as well, focused on bananas that are not yet ripe.

It’s a good selection made by Velier, but the youngness of this cognac (instead of the Grosperrin Cépages) doesn’t allow this François Voyer 2006 Fût Unique to express at its fullest. 

My very subjective note : 83+/100

More info on Velier website

François Voyer 2006 Fut Unique 70 th Velier 42%
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