François Voyer Extra Christmas 43%

Another 30yo G.C on Hors d’Age. Here is the François Voyer Extra Christmas!
François Voyer Extra Christmas


Christmas Time in Verrieres 

After the a dedicated session, it’s time to taste another cognac from Voyer. This one is limited edition (100 bottles) made for Cognac-Expert, consisting of an assemblage of 30yo G.C eaux-de-vie. Here is the François Voyer Extra Christmas!

Colour: Gold, orange lights. Regular heavy tears.

Nose: Young melon smells at first. Buttery tones, especially on pastry scents. Great croissant and nougat notes. Young Layon wine with its typical sugariness. Flowery and mineral shades. Acacia honey. Chalky tones in the background. Obvious tinned pear scents with more air. Nice spicy notes on caraway and cinnamon.

Palate: Acidulous texture on grenadine and blackcurrant syrup. Great mouth length. I love this palate. Exotic fruits, especially roasted pineapple aromas. Delicious and persistent nougat notes. Woody aftertaste, mainly on cedar wood. A tad darker on the aftertaste, on licorice syrup and pine resin.

Last Notes: Great nose on red berries and potpourri now. Blackcurrant and blackberry juice mix. Cherry sweets too. Candied prunes. Back on the palate, you find vine peaches and various spicy notes. It ends on bitter chocolate, peppermint and cedar wood.

A nice 30yo from Verrieres. Well-balanced and generous. A little lack of precision to reach another level.

My very subjective note: 88+/100

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