François Voyer Napoléon tasting notes 1

François Voyer Napoléon 40%

A promising 10-20yo G.C. Here is the François Voyer Napoléon!
François Voyer Napoléon tasting notes


 Sit down and take a Nap’! 

After a special version bottled by Velier, it’s time to taste a product from their regular range. This one is a 10-20yo G.C. Here is the François Voyer Napoléon!

Colour: Orange, gold lights. Irregular heavy tears.

Nose: Very fruity at first, especially on tinned plums. Then on raisins and dried figs. Quite a rich nose. Apricot jam. Nice freshness in the background on citruses. Hints of orange and mango juice. That’s well-balanced and pleasant. What about the palate?

Palate: Very smooth texture with a tad of acidity. Tangerine jam, orange zest. Young apricots. Still very fruity. Tinned citruses. Tinned apple. A nice acidulous side on cherry/cola sweets. Watermelon aftertaste. Dried figs again. A bit spicy, mainly on nutmeg and black pepper.

Last Notes: Apricots and plums concerto with more air. Nice floral touch on rosewater and violet perfume. The very beginning of a rancio on fresh licorice. Young and kicking! A bit on freshly cut wood and dry walnut in the background. And the palate? Apple tart, strawberry juice, peach jam. Could it be fruitier? Pear liquor for sure. Cherry sweets again. Grenadine. Delicious mouth length on tinned plums and roasted coffee beans. Bang! It ends on peach juice and young melon aromas.

Another proof that 40% could be the right ABV. This François Voyer Napoléon is a killer without any doubt. Efficient, rich, subtle. What else? 

My very subjective note: 87+/100 (very close to 88)

More info on this François Voyer Napoléon

Thanks R.C for this one!

François Voyer Napoléon tasting notes 1

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