François Voyer XO cognac tasting notes Hors d'Age

François Voyer XO 40%

Another 15/20yo G.C on Hors d’Age. Here is the François Voyer XO!
François Voyer XO bottle cognac tasting notes Hors d'Age


From Verrières with Love (Part II.)

After the Napoleon, it’s time to taste something older in Voyer’s range. This one is a 15/20yo G.C. Let’s taste this François Voyer XO!

Colour: Orange, gold lights. Regular medium tears. 

Nose: Full of candied citruses and honey at first. Raisins and dried figs then. Nice floral scents in the background. Very straight G.C. Apple strudel, tinned pears. Hints of spices, mainly cinnamon. Definitely an elegant fruitiness on young plums and quinces. A tad of hazelnut scents in the background. 

Palate: Sweet/oily texture. Plums liquor. Tinned prunes. Heavy fruitiness is counterbalanced by a nice bitterness on orange zest. A tad of freshness on linseed oil and licorice. Correct mouth length but it feels like 40% is a little too low. Great notes of bourbon vanilla in the aftertaste. 

Last Notes: The nose is now focused on orchard fruits. Delicious caramelized pears scents. Definitive freshness on menthol in the background. Distinct wood influence here to be clear, and you also get varnished wood notes. On the palate, you get back some candied citruses and some quince aromas. Various nutty notes in the aftertaste, mainly on dry chestnut and hazelnut. It ends on generous tinned plums tones. 

Great G.C XO but something is missing to reach 87 points. Could it be a bit more interesting at 42/43%?

My very subjective note: 85+/100

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François Voyer XO bottle cognac tasting notes Hors d'Age
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