Giboin XO Borderies 40%

Another Borderies on Hors d’Age. Here is the Giboin XO!
Three XO cognacs tasting notes


Hints of Borderies 

This one is a noble assemblage of three generations of distillers. It is said to be a blend from 1962  to younger eaux-de-vie.  Here is the Giboin XO!

Colour: Light gold, green lights. Regular medium tears.

Nose: Orchard and floral notes at first. Hay and potpourri scents then. A tad of olive oil smells too. Shy vegetables shades, light carrot and pumpkin scents in the background. Slightly honeyed. A tad of indistinct herbal notes.

Palate: Sweet texture. Fruity/sugary entrance. Tiny spicy notes. Definitive lack of mouth length. Shy poached pear aromas. It ends on cider apple and herbal notes.

Last Notes: Some floral (jasmine) notes with more air. Nice tangerine and apricot shades. A tiny spoon of nutty scents, mainly on dry hazelnut. Orchard fruits again on the palate. Heather and hay notes too. It ends on walnut oil and fresh lemon juice.

it’s a correct Borderies XO with delicate aromas but there’s a definitive lack of strength and taste in my humble opinion. 

My very subjective note: 78+/100

More info on this Giboin Borderies XO 

Giboin XO Borderies 40% hors d'Age tasting note
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