Grosperrin A29 l'essentiel fins bois

Grosperrin A29 L’Essentiel Fins Bois 47,8%

Another L’Essentiel cognac with this Grosperrin A29
Grosperrin Fins Bois 1989 48,4% tasting note


Piggy Stardust  

This limited edition bottling (152 bottles) has been selected by Cognac-Expert in Grosperrin’s cellars. A non-chill-filtered and natural color 29yo Fins Bois that was sleeping in a pig hut until 2005 and its acquisition by Guilhem Grosperrin. An uncommon location for a cask that has brought very specific aging conditions, a special DNA preserved by Grosperrin with a humid cellar aging after 2005. 

Colour: Old gold, orange lights. Regular heavy tears.

Nose: Very fruity at first, full of strawberry scents. Heavy pastry notes of red fruits tart and heady notes of plum liqueur. Acidulous tones on blackberry and fig jam. A tad of acidity on orange peel. Gentle candied cedar notes in the background. A little minty and oaky with more air.

Palate: Very oily texture. Still a full spoon of strawberry notes, but now immediately followed by licorice aromas and roasted tones on coffee beans. Quite surprising but not unpleasant at all. Nicely rancioted on licorice sweets and yummy herbal notes.

Last Notes: Here are the coffee notes with more air. You also find sweet honeyed tones. It remains very fruity, now on apricot and quince marmalade. Back on the palate, you still find an oily texture carrying fig and strawberry jam aromas. Delicious. It ends on ristretto and caramelized nuts.

Not the most precise palate ever but what a delight! Less wild than the 1993 millesime (more on herbal notes and a wilder rancio on farm notes), this Grosperrin A29 Fins Bois from the north of the cru (Matha, 35 kilometers away from Deux-Sèvres department) is very easy and delicious as well. Very close to 90 in my humble opinion.

My very subjective note: 89+/100

Grosperrin A29 l'essentiel fins bois 2
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  1. Have you tasted the Octuor cognac proposed by the Festival des Saintes? I’ve ordered a bottle but will probably open it for a special occasion.

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