Grosperrin Bons Bois 50 ans tasting notes 1

Grosperrin Bons Bois 50 ans 47,8%

50 yo is almost a common age for a G.C. But that’s not the case for all the crus. Here is the Grosperrin Bons Bois 50 ans!
Grosperrin Bons Bois 50 ans tasting notes 2


Initials B.B

My first Bons Bois was very interesting and it was already something old for this cru. With this Bons Bois 50 ans, it is clearly another level. 50yo…Let’s see if it aged well. 

Colour: Orange, gold lights. Medium regular tears

Nose: Huge rancio on hazelnuts to begin with. Very nutty and waxy. Orange marmalade. It needs air for sure. Raisins. Peach syrup. Great freshness on peppermint surrounded by a lot of red berries. Strawberry sweets. Orange zest caramel. Fresh leather, menthol sweets. Some acidulous sides of the Petite Champagne. Nougat sweets. Arlequin sweets. Toasted notes on coffee beans and cocoa powder. Can’t wait to take a bite of this very inviting cognac. 

Palate: Sweet and acidulous texture. Bitter notes at first, a great wave of dark chocolate. A stunning mouth length, as if you were taking a full spoon of cocoa powder. Hints of grenadine sweets on the aftertaste. Cocoa butter. Chestnut cream. Light pinesap aromas. Impossible to escape from the bitter chocolate monster. It ends on astringent notes close to something like cranberry juice. Exquisite! 

Last Notes: It evolves a lot with air. Splendid! Cranberries, strawberries. Elegant fruitiness. It reminds me a lot the Fins Bois 1959, even if this one is less exotic but way more massive and with an infinite mouth length. Mahogany. A very strong perfume. Musc. Acacia honey. Olive oil. Back on the palate, it’s still very elegant. Some delicate spices: caraway, cinnamon. Coconut powder. Grenadine syrup. Chocolate aromas again. Orgeat syrup.

This Bons Bois 50yo is dancing on my palate. Animal notes like sweat are arising. A stunning rancio as a great proof of its venerable age. Some lavender notes are persisting on the nose and the palate, fighting with the great toasted aromas. It ends on a nice freshness again, something like lemongrass and mint infusion. 

It is a magnificent cognac. Give me more of it! In terms of complexity, aromas, and personality, this Bons Bois 50 ans has to be rated over 91 points. Well, I think that’s another 91+ on Hors d’Age

My very subjective note: 91+/100

More info on Grosperrin’s website

Thanks Runar for this one!

Grosperrin Bons Bois 50 ans tasting notes 2
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