Grosperrin Bons Bois 70-74

Grosperrin Bons Bois N°70-74 42,7%

Another Bons Bois on Hors d’Age.
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Grosperrin Bons Bois N°70-74 42,7%

Inside the Bois, outside the Box 

Another Bons Bois after the Mauxion 1973-75-76. Same decade, same cru. Same level? Let’s see if this Grosperrin Bons Bois N°70-74 has solid assets to show.

Colour: Dark amber, gold lights. Heavy regular tears.

Nose: Nice precious wood notes surrounded by tinned peaches and mango juice scents. Rich and intense nose. Subtle freshness on verbena and sandalwood. Juicy red fruit notes in the background. A tad of leathery/musky shades too. Elegant rancio that is asking for time to express at its fullest. Briny and spiced notes of anise and cardamom, surrounded by wet undergrowth and cigar box scents. Dried figs notes too.

Palate: Acidulous juicy texture. Aromatic bomb. If the rancio was a bit shy with the nose part, it’s clearly not the same with the palate. Liquid cigar aromas melted to candied prunes. Great red berries mix in the aftertaste. Incredible mouth length regarding the ABV. Worm wood and wet undergrowth notes again. It ends with delicate tobacco notes and raisins.

Last Notes: Heady rancio on roasted coffee beans and gingerbread. Hints of charcoal too. The elegant rancio previously perceived turns to be a darker one now. But you also find some overripe juicy fruity notes on plums and quinces, exhausted by an acidulous freshness. If there isn’t a rustic dark rancio, I could have easily mistaken this cognac with a 70’s P.C. Back on the palate, you find stunning papaya exotic aromas, carried by a nice spiciness on safran and ginger. A few of yeasty shades on fresh bread dough. Rancioted butter aftertaste.

Incredible nose, great palate. This Bons Bois is a stunning one through many aspects. I think I will go with something around 90, but I could have go higher with a more complex palate. But what a nose part!

My very subjective note: 90/100

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Grosperrin Bons Bois 70-74
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