Grosperrin Borderies 11 ans tasting notes

Grosperrin Borderies 11 ans 46,8%

First cognac of this special Borderies week: the Grosperrin Borderies 11 ans!
Grosperrin Borderies 11 ans tasting notes 1


Buried in Burie 

First cognac of this special Borderies week. This lot N°800 is an 11yo Borderies bottled in 2020. This cognac has been unearthed by Guilhem Grosperrin in Burie, into a small distillery where they’re still using coal and wood to heat their pot still. They also use indigenous yeasts for their wine fermentation. Another cognac from the wild side. Here is the Grosperrin Borderies 11 ans!

Colour: Pale gold, green lights. Regular medium tears.

Nose: Quite heady at first. Tangerine/orange perfume. Then very nutty scents, especially on almond oil. With air, it goes more and more sugary. Orange marmalade. Tinned citruses for sure. Obvious massive jasmine notes. Pear jam. That’s a welcoming nose. 

Palate: Sweet texture with a tad of acidity. Almond pears. Lemon sweets. Acidulous and bitter aromas. Bourbon vanilla. Quite spicy on Sichuan pepper and cinnamon stick. Obvious floral notes again on jasmine and a bit on violet perfume too.

Last Notes: Buttery and nutty with more air. Almond paste and croissant. Great freshness in the background on green tea and cardamom. Orange blossom too. Tangerine juice. Back on the palate, it’s a nice mix of tinned citruses and honeyed aromas. A little peppery aftertaste. It ends on lemon zest cake and fresh mint notes. 

Not the most precise cognac from this cru but it does the job! This Grosperrin Borderies 11 ans is quite rustic (even if it has nice floral scents), as it can’t give you immediate pleasure. But isn’t it one of the reasons why we love Grosperrin’s bottlings? A  genuine terroir product for sure. Far more convincing than a Grateaud Napoléon (8-15yo Borderies) in my humble opinion. Perfect ABV by the way. 

My very subjective note: 86+/100

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Grosperrin Borderies 11 ans tasting notes

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