Grosperrin Borderies N°28 tasting notes

Grosperrin Borderies N°28 53,8%

4th step of this Special Borderies Week: here is the Grosperrin Borderies N°28!
Grosperrin Borderies N°28 tasting notes 2


Borderie’s fury II 

4th step of this Special Borderies Week. Another stop in Burie, but this time it’s for something older. Way older. Lot 430 in Grosperrin’s collection. N°28, so you’ve probably guessed the year of distillation. Bottled in 2015. Cask strength (53,8%. There is another version at 52,8% but I don’t know all the details about this one). Here is the Grosperrin Borderies N°28!

Colour: Amber, copper lights. Heavy regular tears.

Nose: Even after 30 minutes, it still exhausts heady perfumes. Bitter jams, I’d say tangerine and orange zest marmalade. Massive tinned plums scents. Great tinned pear smells too. Subtle spicy notes of caraway. Fresh leather smells. Plums tart. Some fruity side of the N°64, but this one is more on cooked fruits, especially prunes and plums. Beautiful spiciness on fresh licorice, anise, zan, and black pepper. Heady scents of marasquin cherry and violet perfume. Massive notes of peach syrup. A little little leathery. Cherry/cola sweets in the background. Less delicate than the N°64 but what a personality!

Palate: A very oily texture that makes you salivate. Acidulous notes of cherry/violet sweets. Then it goes on spicy aromas like caraway, cinnamon, Sichuan pepper. Tannic notes on oak planks and linseed oil surrounded by a nice rancio on fresh mushroom and rancid butter aromas. Delicious bitter notes of ground coffee and Moka. Stunning mouth length. Undoubtedly another killer in the Cask Strength Cognac League (CSCL). It ends on tangerine juice and orange zest caramel.

Last Notes: Cloves and cinnamon as the nose comes back. A tad of nutmeg powder and vanilla stick too. Subtle notes of black/green tea with its fresh, bitter, and umami notes (can’t agree more with S.V on this point). Some exotic sides, mainly on tinned pineapple. Fresh ground coffee and cocoa powder again. Caramelized apple/pear tart. Apple/cinnamon infusion. Candied citruses, mainly oranges, and tangerines. Another cognac that could be a fragrance. Don’t know if it’s reasonable (way more expensive than a regular one) but if you like to wear spicy perfumes with shades of citruses and earthy notes, well…

And the palate? Tinned pears, fig jam, and orange juice at first. Then it goes on spicy notes like cardamom and cloves (again). Prunes tart. Bitter aromas of plums liquor. Linseed oil in the aftertaste. It ends with Arlequin sweets and tangerine juice. Still a pleasant bitterness in the aftertaste. The empty glass is full of menthol and tinned plums. 

What a kind of week…That’s why I love cognac. Many shades, delicious aromas, various terroir expressions. This Grosperrin Borderies N°28 is magnificent. Brutal, massive, full of spicy and fruity notes. Even if I would choose the N°64 with its delicateness, this one deserves a medal too. And 1928? Really? I mean, it seems so young, that is truly mind-blowing

My very subjective note: 91/100

More info on this Grosperrin Borderies N°28

Thanks Runar for this one!

5th and final step of this Special Borderies Week tomorrow. Could it be older than this? 

Grosperrin Borderies N°28 tasting notes

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