Grosperrin Borderies N°64

Another cognac for this special Borderies week. Here is the Grosperrin Borderies N°64!
Grosperrin Borderies N°64 tasting notes


Borderie’s fury 

2nd step of this Special Borderies Week and we’re still in Courbiac street. This one is a sample from the cask C14 (or G14, the label is slightly damaged, sorry) (collected in January 2021) that is bottled as the Borderies N°64 (so the one that I’m tasting is older than the 2017 bottling (52,1%). The tasting next to the barrel was very convincing, so let’s see if it’s still the case!. Here is the Grosperrin Borderies N°64!

Colour: Amber, gold lights. Regular heavy tears.

Nose: Very fruity smells, especially on mango and roasted pineapple. Then obvious violet sweets scents. Okay, here are the Borderies. Very rich nose, quite milky/mushroomy. (19)64: it’s rancioted for sure. Banana stew, passion fruits juice. It remains very fruity. Strawberry juice, blackcurrant syrup. Young melon scents. Fresh licorice too. Pastry and cereal note in the background as if it was a full bowl of muesli with its dried raspberries. Delightful fruity nose.

Palate: Sweet/oily texture with nice acidity on the tip of the tongue. Wow! Bang! A powerful fruity/floral rancio to welcome you on board. A great mix of raspberry juice, vanilla stick, violet sweets, mango juice. Some roasted notes in the background, mainly on cocoa powder. Then obvious bitter chocolate aromas. Light tobacco notes. Incredible mouth length. 

Last Notes: With more air, it goes on mineral and floral scents. Chalky notes surrounded by massive violet sweets flavors. The perfume of this cognac is intoxicating. Perfect smoothness counter-balanced by heady smells of violet, jasmine, and cherry syrup. Quite bourbon-like by the way (cereal+violet notes). And the palate? Still delicious. Apricots/banana liquor, melon sweets. Licorice sweets. Then mineral notes are back, mainly on limestone rock and flint dust. It ends on pear/cinnamon infusion and plums liquor.

Well, that’s a wonderful one. This Grosperrin Borderies N°64 is outstanding in many aspects. Delicate, powerful with great Borderies tones. A tad more convincing than an HRR Apanage but in a very different style: the HRR Apanage is so opulent and rancioted whereas this Grosperrin Borderies N°64 tends to be more delicate and complex (a lot of shades, particularly in the mineral notes spectrum). Two kings, one throne. Until the next episode…

My very subjective note: 92/100

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