Folle Blanche 2006

Grosperrin F.B 100% Folle Blanche 2006 43,9%

A young Folle Blanche from Grosperrin
Grosperrin 100% Folle Blanche Fins Bois 2006



Colour : Orange with small gold touch

Nose : At first, the nose is very strong, a bit of alcohol and a fresh wind of lavender (all the youngness of this cognac combined to the Folle Blanche), slightly underlined by a hint of vanilla. Some nuts and pastry notes, as if it comes straight from a sherry cask. But these heavy notes of tinned fruits and cashew nuts are the result of an old type of distillation.

A yummy cognac again. Almond pear arises, which was almost predictable because of the sweetness and the fruitiness of the cru (Fins Bois) and the typical freshness of the grapes (Folle Blanche). With some air, great roasted notes, including coffee grain and cocoa. Some hints of violet that could be linked to the gentle nose of a bourbon. But prunes and nuts are stronger than ever, printing the inimitable cognac D.N.A. in my glass.

Palate : On the palate we find cooked grapes and some touch of dusty wood. This cognac is opulent, with notes of bitter chocolate. Then, as for the Grosperrin 2003 100% Folle Blanche, there’re some spices, but much more like paprika this time. The fruity part appears with tinned apricots and peaches. Some pastry notes accentuate these fruits. That’s delicious. Passion fruits, black pepper, cristal salt butter.

Last Notes : The finish is a bit minty and spicy again. At the very end of the glass almond paste and black olives. This cognac is younger  than the 100% Folle Blanche Grande Champagne 2003 and  a bit more « rational » too, but  that’s a very generous one for sure. 

My very subjective note : 87/100

More info on Grosperrin website 

The distiller who sold this cognac to Guilhem Grosperrin is a small producer (less than 13 acres). He’s a specialist of the “rich method” (“méthode grasse” in French) , an old method of distillation that gives great aromas to cognac.

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