Grosperrin Fins Bois 1959 tasting notes 2

Grosperrin Fins Bois 1959 45,4%

A very rare one (153 liters only) from Grosperrin : the Fins Bois 1959 !
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Colour : Gold. Heavy irregular  tears.

Nose : Very wet to begin. As it’s mentioned on Grosperrin website, it needs so much time to express itself at its fullest. Fruity, very fruity ! Fig fam. Lemon meringue. Orange marmelade. Dry grapes. A dash of acidity with walnut oil.  Something like a tawny port wine too. Well, a nice promise here ! 

With more air, it gets more nuts scents, especially on roasted almonds and pistachio and a little of peppermint on the background. Then it’s fruity again. Strawberry syrup. Caramelized carrots. A great spoon of honey. A delicious mix of blackberry, blueberry and raspberry jam. Dry figs. It reminds a bit the nose of Roussillon wines. 

Palate : Very sweet texture, a little oily. Strawberry salad, you know the one you make with mint leaves and a dash of lemon juice. You let everything in a bowl for 2-3 days and you get a syrup/juice at the bottom of bowl. Well, that’s it ! A lot of mint here. Acacia honey. It’s a very elegant one, as every aromas arise by touch. Clearly not a brutal one. A sweet rancio on overripe apricots, passion fruits and cherry liquor. Strawberry jam. Melon. A great aftertaste on bitterness with grapefruit juice and earl grey tea. 

Last Notes : This Grosperrin Fins Bois 1959 is very talkative. The nose is now on blackcurrant jam. The typical acidity of blackcurrants is underlined by walnut oil. The wood is very discrete in this quite old cognac. The rancio is stronger, more on white mushrooms (button mushrooms) this time. A persistent freshness is back. Orchids and fresh licorice. Tinned pineapple. Rustic honey. Let’s get back to the mouth. Peaches syrup. Fresh Kiwi Juice (quite surprising, am I losing my way through this fruitiness ?). Guava juice too for sure. It ends on a gentle rancio. Wet undergrowth, sanded wood and a little of linseed oil. 

Truly a magnificent one. Not my favorite old Fins Bois among those I’ve already tasted but it’s easily in my top 5. A little lack of strength, that’s why I give to this Fins Bois 1959 a bit less than for the Vallein Tercinier Rue 75, even if they’re like the Beauty and the Beast. Very different from the Fins Bois 58, 61 or 68. However, it’s maybe the fruitiest of these ones from Grosperrin. Timeless elegance.  

My very subjective note : 90+/100

More info on Grosperrin website

Grosperrin Fins Bois 1959 tasting notes
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