Grosperrin Fins Bois N°26

Grosperrin Fins Bois N°26 44%

1926. Fins Bois. 44%
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Ancestral Fins Bois 

Take a long breath and dive deep into cognac history, and this time with quite an uncommon cru for this kind of age. Even if it’s stocked in demi-john for years, this is nothing less than an 80yo+ Fins Bois. Let’s go!

Colour: Mahogany, orange lights. Irregular medium tears.

Nose: Full of sunny shades at first. Heady overripe melon scents. Very charming nose on candied citruses. A tad briny on green olives. Heavily honeyed, and I’d add precisely on acacia honey. Nice fruity shades on plum liqueur and kirsch notes. Nice violet syrup/sweets scents in the background. 

Palate: Oily texture with a generous acidulous aftertaste on blackcurrant juice. Full of red fruit aromas at first. Cherry symphony between kirsch, maraschino, and jam shades. Lingering oaky notes on sawdust and freshly sanded wood. A tad of floral/herbal notes on honeysuckle and rosemary. A little lack of body but a very acceptable mouth length.

Last Notes: Full of honey, and I’d even say hydromel scents with a tad of fermented notes. Darker than previously perceived, with roasted notes (charred oak, cooked/grilled tarragon) and licorice syrup. A little of citruses with tangerine and yuzu juice notes in the background. Back on the palate, it’s even oakier than before, hiding a bit of the richness of this Fins Bois gem. It remains fruity, mainly on fig and blackberry jam, I still find that there is a lack of body to carry the whole structure of this 1926 beauty. It ends with rosemary and blueberry juice.

A stunning venerable Fins Bois. Another part of cognac history tasted, but as I said, I miss a stronger structure to carry the richness and delicateness of this old spirit and avoid an excess of oak influence. To be fully honest, I tasted it 3 times. One time with no comparison (91/91+), one blind tasting but as a tricky one in an armagnac session (91+) and a last one in perfect tasting conditions (90+).  

My very subjective note: 90+/100

Interstellar Session #2

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