Grosperrin Fins Bois Lot 61

Grosperrin Fins Bois N61 Lot 728 43,8%

I was expecting that one for a long time.
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Grosperrin Fins Bois N61 Lot 728 43,8%

Quintessential cognac?

Those who often read me (and I thank them) have already heard about this Fins Bois N61. And that’s quite an emotional one for me. Quintessence (French spirits event in Paris) in 2019 was one of my first encounters with cognac. I had the opportunity to taste Lheraud and Grosperrin for the first time. And what a kind of discovery! This Fins Bois N61 was one of my favorites out of the sensational line-up offered by Grosperrin for this event (I’ve got some other favorites from this show, as you’ll see later). Is it the same level than the Fins Bois Lot 61 by Prunier tasted a few weeks ago? Is it as good as I remember? Let’s find out!

Colour: Mahogany, old gold lights. Irregular medium tears.

Nose: Bang! Ample tropical fruits wave. Unreal fresh fruitiness enhanced by a heady floral perfume. Already some fresh leather scents, like a gentle spoiler for a coming rancio monster. Dry heather notes immediately followed by delicate tea-ish shades. And a definitive musky rancio hidden in the background. Very expressive profile, but it’s not a dark one, it’s very bright indeed. 61? And there are still some doubtful minds about very old Fins Bois quality? Anyway!

Palate: Thick oily texture. It’s like a bite in a fresh mango! Stunning. What a kind of richness. I don’t know if it’s because of the texture, but the mouth length seems infinite. And about the aromatic spectrum? It goes everywhere. Heavy black truffle notes, insane tropical fruitiness. Malted richness. Mind-blowing herbal mix, as you get chopped basil, cooked thyme and tarragon at the same time. Musky notes on very old Parmigiano, fresh leather and umami shades with shiitake aromas. It’s like a Rancio risotto. And that’s mad.

Last Notes: And it’s even brighter than previously perceived. Nice honeyed tones on beeswax. Refined malted fruitiness that you sometimes find in very old Scotch. Tangerine marmalade and fresh pineapple juice scents. Truffle oil. How can a cask preserve a cognac like this? There are no extra-oaky scents at all. Back on the palate, you find mesmerizing acidulous fruity notes, especially on tinned plums. Stop it!

Less immediate than the Fins Bois 52-22 (which is a cheat code cognac), this Fins Bois N61 also managed to find a place on my top Fins Bois shelf. Complex, constantly evolving with multiple shades, and very bright considering its age. That’s a brilliant one. Just a little precision: if you want to taste it, do not hesitate to let it breathe. It’s also fun to notice that this very old Fins Bois comes from Reparsac, 3 kilometers away from Giboin estate…and the very beginning of Borderies area. 

My very subjective note: 92/100

More info about this Grosperrin Fins Bois N61 

Thanks a lot Luke (and 2019 me for this stunning discovery). 

Grosperrin Fins Bois Lot 61
Quintessence 2019 event, first sip of this gem
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