Folle Blanche GC 2003

Grosperrin G.C 100% Folle Blanche 2003 42,3%

Another young Folle Blanche : a remarkable 12yo Grande Champagne by Grosperrin distilled in 2003 and bottled in 2016.
Grosperrin 100% Folle Blanche 2003 2




Colour : Full orange

Nose : The first smell reveals some grenadine and a slight touch of pears too. With some air, this cognac shows deep notes of caramelized nuts. Here is the yummy part ! Orange zest and butter biscuit. A young rancio in the background, remembering us that we deal with the Grande Champagne and a 12yo cognac.  

Palate : On the palate now. Wow ! Oily texture. It focuses on citrus, more precisely on a great taste of green lemon while the orange is back, but its sweetness has turned into a pleasant bitterness. The mouth is rather long, it is truly remarquable for a 42,3% spirit and my taste buds are mesmerized. This Grosperrin is becoming rounder, sweeter and more floral as well. Vanilla aroma (the one we used to cook) and some floral scents. Its exotic side throws us a full plate of flamed bananas.

Last notes : The final part is opulent and spicy. Is this caraway ? Maybe some touch of anise touch too. This is a cognac, undoubtedly, but Grosperrin could easily sell it as a fragrance. Be careful YSL and Diesel, just saying. The association of Folle Blanche and Grande Champagne is astonishing here, you love it or you hate it, there’s no in-between.

It’s a strong yes for me. Richer, rounder and more complex than the Fins Bois 2006 (a 100% Folle Blanche too).

My very subjective note : 87+/100

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  1. Ouah le genre de profil bien vif qui pourrait me plaire 😋… en fin de repas pour apporter de la fraîcheur au palais..

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