Grosperrin Grande Champagne La Folle Blanche tasting notes

Grosperrin Grande Champagne La Folle Blanche 43%

It’s always a nice curiosity to taste other grapes than Ugni Blanc. Here is La Folle Blanche by Grosperrin!
Grosperrin Grande Champagne La Folle Blanche tasting notes


Another Folle Blanche 

This one is an assemblage of 2003 and 2008 from the Grande Champagne cru (Saint-Fort-sur-Né) and it’s fully made with Folle Blanche. It probably has some Grande Champagne 2003 in its DNA by the way. Well, let’s taste La Folle Blanche !

Colour: Amber, gold lights. Regular heavy tears.

Nose: Acacia honey. Great freshness with floral shades. Quite peppery, as the Grande Champagne 2003 and the Fins Bois 2006. Fresh butter and cereal scents. Raisins. Something like a great muesli bowl. A bit on mint and eucalyptus. Few fruity notes, especially on dried apricots. Few malted smells too. 

Palate: Very sweet texture with nice acidity on mouth length. Full of raisins. A little buttery but very spicy. Caraway, curry, a tad of paprika. Tinned plums. Fresh lemon juice. Young apricots. The mouth length is correct. A little of honey sweets aftertaste. 

Last Notes: It gets more herbal and spicier with air. Quince jam. Still on honey sweets. Menthol. Raisins. The palate is full of grape juice, raisins, and orange zest cake aromas. A bit of walnut oil. 

Well, not my best Folle Blanche ever. A great nose, a standard palate. Less convincing than my previous Grosperrin’s Folle Blanche. 

My very subjective note: 84+/100

Grosperrin’s website 

Grosperrin Grande Champagne La Folle Blanche tasting notes 2
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