Grosperrin Grande Champagne 80 58,1% tasting notes

Grosperrin Grande Champagne N°80 58,1%

40 years of aging next to the kitchen of a very small producer : let’s see if it was the good recipe for this Grande Champagne N°80 !
Grosperrin Grande Champagne 80 58,1% tasting notes 2



This Grande Champagne N°80 is obviously a very powerful one, so I did this tasting notes during the third tasting session. In my opinion, the first and the second tastings were too close to the bottle opening. Well, 58,1% isn’t a common ABV in the cognac world…

Colour: Old gold. Very heavy regular tears.

Nose: So powerful. A huge rancio to welcome your nose. This cognac needs at least 15 minutes into the glass. Then it’s a rollercoaster. Light cigar tobacco scents. Cocoa powder. A full spoon of tinned plums. It’s a rich one.  Melted salted butter. Walnut pie.  Orange peel. Safran. Cinnamon. Pear crumble. Green tea. God damn it! Sorry. Violet perfume. Melon jam. Vanilla cream. Roasted chestnuts/hazelnuts. So much gourmandise ! Without any doubt, there is a strong rancio into this Grande Champagne N°80. On exotic fruits at first. Mango jam for sure. It’s underlined by sweet milk chocolate notes. A bit of freshness/bitterness on eucalyptus and orange blossom.

With water, it becomes fruitier. Marasquin cherry. Flamed bananas. Fig jam. Then it goes on almond paste and dry walnuts. It’s still buttery, on pastry notes this time. Pain au chocolat, hot chocolate, speculoos. Apricots eau-de-vie (a nice memory of a delicate one from Capovilla). More freshness than when it was neat. On fresh licorice, mint chewing gum. A little herbal too with freshly cut basil.  Coffee beans. Burnt caramel. A little of green tea to finish. What a great teaser for a massive palate. 

Palate: Opulent and rich texture. It’s very buttery at first. A salt reminiscence too, maybe a little of green olives. Salted butter caramel. Orange juice. It’s a very wild cognac. Hay, sweat, fresh leather. Stable scents that remind me a bit of the Fins Bois 1993. But this Grande Champagne N°80 is way wilder. Very round now. On chocolate cake now. It gets spicier, some green tomatoes jam and tabasco. Licorice syrup. A great wave of freshness enhances the infinite mouth. Mint chocolate, mint tea. It ends on orange zest caramel and old leather. Bang! 

With water: Watermelon juice, fig jam. Apricot jam too. Tinned pear. A great symphony of fruits. Still the mint chocolate aromas. The mouth is rather long. Very sweet texture (something like the soy sauce one). Very surprising for a 58,1% cognac! Salty and herbal notes arise. A great carpaccio of meadows agaric mushrooms (rosés des  prés in French, don”t know if there is a better translation here) with a dash of sea salt and a spoon of olive oil. A stunning nectar from Grosperrin. 

Last Notes : The nose at first. An incredible fruitiness. Strawberry jam. Fig jam. Grapefruit juice. A tad of freshness and bitterness. A little of mint syrup. Raisins. Very round and wet, maybe a bit of acidity. Tawny port wine. Humidor scents. Walnuts pie. Roasted mushrooms. Very heady scents of orange perfume.  A great spoon of quince jam. Back to the palate. Milk chocolate again. Mango jam. Tinned apricots and peaches. Pastry notes again. Maple syrup waffles. A magnificent au-revoir on freshness. Eucalyptus, fresh licorice, mint sweets. Herbal honey sweets. 

The nose is a great one (maybe 89+) but the palate is utterly staggering, and I’d probably give it 91++, well 92, ok! It’s only a 40yo, can you believe it? I mean, this Grande Champagne N°80 isn’t among the oldest of this cru. It is a manifesto for the punk side of cognac. Rancio calling to the faraway scents, now your nose dance and your palate repents. 

My very subjective note: 91+/100

P.S: Writing this kind of cognac tasting notes is truly a great moment. Hopefully, I have so many products to taste, and sooner or later I will find another cognac monster. 

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Grosperrin Grande Champagne 80 58,1% tasting notes 3
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