Très Vieux MMC Grosperrin Mestreau

Grosperrin-Mestreau Très Vieux MMC 17,8%

Tuesday = cognalternative ! Here is the Grosperrin/Mestreau Très Vieux MMC !
Très Vieux MMC Grosperrin Mestreau

MMC : Moût Muté au cognac / Must Mutated with Cognac. MMC is the name chosen by Guilhem Grosperrin to avoid the constraints of the region fortified wine requirements and bottle pineau-like rarities following his own tastes. 

MMC1 is a 7yo+

MMC2 is a 25yo+

MMC3 is a unique batch from 1979. 



MMC Hammer

This one was meant to be sent to the USA as the first version of the MMC2, one of the alternate Pineau des Charentes made by Grosperrin, that’s why it has been bottled under the name Mestreau. A 20yo+ Pineau? Well, that means a new rancio bomb? Let’s taste this one!

Colour: Dark Brown, red lights. Regular heavy tears

Nose: On mushroom and menthol at first. Hay and sweat. Animal scents. Soy sauce. Goat milk. That’s wild! Slightly rancid butter. Fresh licorice. Blood orange. Some umami flavors very close to the MMC3 nose. A little of caramel and speculoos smells enhanced by the global sugariness. Black pepper and nutmeg notes. Light touch of cherry syrup. Yummy! 

Palate: Opulent and sticky texture. Prunes bomb. A huge piece of prunes cake. Chocolate sweets with a cherry liquor heart. A nice acidity on green lemon and grapefruit juice. Stunning mouth length considering the ABV (17,8%). Orange juice bitterness too. The opulent sugariness is back. Orange zest caramel, acacia honey. Salted butter caramel sweets. A bit less talkative than the MMC3 on the palate but very convincing too. 

Last Notes: Cocoa butter for sure. Walnut oil. Orange zest jam. Curaçao. Tinned peaches and pears. Every aroma is very distinct as if this Très Vieux MMC has the strength of a cognac. But it’s « only » a pineau. Or kind of, you see what I mean. Still very focused on prunes. Nice hints of raisins too. White mushrooms. Tinned plums and lemon zest jam on the aftertaste. The fruitiness shapes the final part of this Très Vieux MMC. The empty glass is full of bitter chocolate. 

A true complexity and so many aromas for this very drinkable Très Vieux MMC. I can’t give it 88 points, which is the MMC3 mark, but it’s very close to this monster. Well, let’s give it 87+.

My very subjective note: 87+/100

More info on Grosperrin’s website

It could also be used in my rancio bomb cocktail !

Très Vieux MMC Grosperrin Mestreau 2
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