Grosperrin MMC3

Grosperrin MMC3

A pineau des Charentes but in Grosperrin’s funky style : the MMC3 !
Grosperrin MMC3 3

Grosperrin MMC3

Mistelle, ma belle

When Grosperrin are doing things, they don’t mess with us. So when they decided to make Pineau des Charentes few years ago, they literally thought out of the box. And they did it in a so perfect way that they produced something that can’t be called Pineau des Charentes (It’s a bit more complex, I’ll give some explanations in another review). They called it M.M.C for Moût Muté au Cognac (Grape must mixed with cognac), and they created 3 versions :

  • A 8 year old “pineau” : the MMC1
  • A 25 year old “pineau” : the MMC2
  • A 41 year old “pineau” : the MMC3  (41yo, I can’t believe it)

Here is the MMC3, so get ready for a another really good one ! 

The Tasting Part 

Colour : Burnt caramel, orange lights 

Nose : A great bowl of mushrooms. That’s quite umami. It’s a bit milky and buttery too. It goes on chestnut cream. Wow ! And here is the farm. Hay and wet straw. A bit of bitter chocolate. A dash of yeast and fresh bread. It’s only 17,5% ABV, come on ! How is it possible ?  

Palate : A wave of salt. The stunning sensation of anchovy. Walnut oil. Then it becomes more buttery. I have the strong memories of the walnut pie that my grandmother used to cook. It is also full of salted butter caramel.

That’s the moment when I hope to have a 1,5 liter bottle. That’s not the case. Sh*t ! It goes on cheesy notes, something like Tomme de Savoie. The aftertaste is a gentle mix of acidity (green lemon) and a full plate of fruits (fig jam, candied cherries). 

Last Notes : Still very mushroomy. A delicate rancio appears. It is immediately counter-balanced by hints of orange zest. Then you get a full spoon of tangerine jam. The ending is beautiful. It’s very buttery. The au-revoir let us some dusty walnuts, the one you leave to dry in your cellar, like my grandmother was still doing few years ago. Yes, she learnt me a lot about the good things. 

Well, it’s a strong yes for this Grosperrin MMC3 !

My very subjective note : 88/100

More info on Grosperrin website

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Grosperrin MMC3
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