Grosperrin Bois Ordinaires Oleron N°90 tasting notes 4

Grosperrin Bois Ordinaires Oléron N°90 45,6%

A second Bois Ordiaires on Hors d’Age : here is the Oleron N°90 !
Grosperrin Bois Ordinaires Oleron N°90 tasting notes 3


Sandstorm over the vineyard 

After the V.T Compte 10, it’s time to taste another Bois Ordinaires on Hors d’Age. The first one was around 20yo+, this one is 30yo. Here is the Grosperrin Oleron n°90!

Colour: Orange, green lights. Irregular medium tears.

Nose: Very sugary melon at first. Pine forest. Welcome to Oleron island! Coal smoke, sea pine bark. Is this cognac? Verbena infusion maybe. It’s very difficult to get where this Oleron N°90 wants to bring us. It’s like a « catch me if you can » game. Heady smells, especially on orange blossom. Olive oil. Black olives tapenade. Very surprising. Well, let’s reach the palate to see if it could be more pleasurable. 

Palate: Raisins and prunes at first, then immediately some melon aromas. Sweet texture, very warm. Anise. Badian. Some fresh spices. Still very confusing. This is a UFO. Licorice sweets on the great mouth length. Cardamom. It can’t be cognac. Seriously, it must be something else. The ABV (45,6%) seems to be at the right height by the way.

Last Notes: Thyme and melon. Warm sand. Black olive again. Basil, freshly cut parsley. Just to reassure you, I wasn’t cooking during my tasting session. Pinesap, overripe melon. Dried figs. Back on the nose, a lot of floral scents that remind me of gin smells. Fresh cucumber notes reinforce this impression. Are my taste buds still ok? Is this a new Covid symptom? It ends on fresh licorice and dried prunes.  

This Oleron N°90 can’t be categorized. This is not the most pleasurable cognac ever but it owns a very interesting personality. Maybe the most « intellectual » cognac I’ve ever tasted, in the sense that it demands so much attention to be understood. 

My very subjective note: 88/100

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P.S: A special thanks to Les Cochons Truffiers and la Horde. And thank you Axelle for this beautiful label!

Grosperrin Bois Ordinaires Oleron N°90 tasting notes
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  1. Where do you buy this? I clearly missed the mark but for future bottlings. Is it Fine Drams? Love the label!

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