Grosperrin Petite Champagne 1969 tasting notes Hors d'Age 2

Grosperrin Petite Champagne 1969 47,2%

2nd step of this Special Petite Champagne Week. Here is the Grosperrin Petite Champagne 1969
Grosperrin Petite Champagne 1969 tasting notes Hors d'Age


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Another millésimé from Grosperrin’s cellars. I suspect this one (Lot N°458) to be an older version of the Lot N°568 (46,4%) but that’s just my hypothesis. Here is the Grosperrin Petite Champagne 1969!

Colour: Amber with orange lights. Heavy irregular tears

Nose: Roasted notes at first. Fresh ground coffee. Melted butter. Quite spicy. Vanilla stick, white pepper. It needs a lot of air. Very creamy after 15mins in the glass. Tiramisu with its coffee accent. Caramelized carrots. Butternut soup. It gets spicier. Nutmeg, black pepper, paprika. Freshly cut wood. Hazelnut cream. Heady strawberry perfume in the background. Not the easiest nose for sure.

Palate: Sweet creamy texture, a bit acidulous too. Strawberry juice. Verbena infusion. Fresh licorice. Lime blossom. Tobacco aromas. Precious wood. Undoubtedly a nice wood influence but this palate is a little imprecise. I’d also say that this Grosperrin Petite Champagne 1969 is austere and rustic. 

Last Notes: With more air, it’s full of raisins scents. Tinned plums, apple pie too. Fresh butter. Great pastry notes. Very creamy and buttery. Nice freshness on mint infusion counter-balanced by old leather scents. And the palate? Prunes cake, fig jam. It’s more rancioted. Fresh licorice again. Linseed oil. Freshly cut wood again. It ends on gentle notes of earl grey tea and fresh bread dough. Humid wood and walnut oil in the aftertaste.  

Undoubtedly a great P.C. This Grosperrin Petite Champagne 1969 does the job for sure. However, I find this millesimé less convincing than the PC 1974 for example (less intense, a bit less precise too). But it remains a solid 88 in my humble opinion, despite its very natural shortcomings. 

My very subjective note: 88/100

More info on the Lot N°568

Thanks, Runar for this one 

Grosperrin Petite Champagne 1969 tasting notes Hors d'Age

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