Grosperrin Bons Bois N°61 tasting notes 3

Grosperrin Bons Bois N°61 47,4%

Another treasure from Grosperrin”s cellar: here is the Bons Bois N°61!
Grosperrin Bons Bois N°61 tasting notes 3


Initials B.B (bis) 

1961 is a legendary year for Bordeaux red wines. And what about cognac? Let’s find that out with this Grosperrin Bons Bois N°61!

Colour: Old gold, green lights. Heavy irregular tears.

Nose: Huge exotic rancio on bananas at first. Wow ! Very different from the Bons Bois 50yo beginning. Banana/apple stew. Passion fruits juice. Banana cake. Quite buttery. Prunes cake. Light licorice touch. Roasted hazelnuts. A massive cognac. 

Palate: Syrupy texture. A lot of exotic fruits and licorice. It’s a bit spicy too. Pineapple syrup. Mango juice. Nice acidity on fresh lemon juice, maybe a little of grapefruit too. A nice combination of earl grey tea and licorice sweets. Delicious.

Last Notes: Nougat, Caramel sweets, and licorice sweets with more air. This Bons Bois N°61 has some strength…Some exotic notes between and few herbal scents that remind me a bit of Jamaican rum DNA. But it’s way rounder. A delicate sugariness surrounds this wild personality. The mouth is rather long but a bit shorter than the Bons Bois 50yo. Animal notes, especially old leather. Burnt wood too. It ends on a fresh licorice bomb and a great dash of black pepper and nutmeg. 

Another delicious Bons Bois. Maybe a little lack of something to reach the 90 points mark and a bit less convincing than the Bons Bois 50 ans. It remains a very good reference from Grosperrin’s cellar. 

My very subjective note: 89/100

More info on Grosperrin’s website

Grosperrin Bons Bois N°61 tasting notes 2
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