Hors d'Age Top 3 tasting notes - 2020

Hors d’Age’s Top 3 – 2020

My best of 2020 in 3 outstanding cognacs: here is Hors d’Age’s Top 3 for the last year!


Hors d'Age's favorite cognacs of 2020!


Malternative Belgium Cognac #3 “La corbeille de fruits” 40,1%


La Corbeille de Fruits Lot 62 tasting notes 2

An incredible fruitiness, a stunning mouth length, and so much elegance. A great partnership between France and Belgium for this beautiful Petite Champagne.

The full review here 


Vallein Tercinier Rue 75 Fins Bois 47%


Vallein Tercinier Rue 75 Fins Bois Brut de Fût Bis

A massive rancio on humidor scents, an infinite mouth length with a nice touch of spiciness. The Fins Bois fruitiness that aged well. A perfect combination for this Vallein Tercinier. 

The full review here 


Grosperrin Grande Champagne N°80 58,1%


Grosperrin Grande Champagne 80 58,1% tasting notes 3

My best review on Hors d’Age in 2020. A monster. A wild cognac with so many aromas. An impressive ABV that gives a true punk side to this 40yo Grande Champagne. Highly recommended.  

The full review here 

2020 was a nice year in terms of cognac discoveries. And it was just the beginning of Hors d’Age. 

2021 will be full of beautiful spirits and passionate reviews, there is no doubt about that! 

Moreover, I want to thank you all for your feedback, reposts, and constructive comments (on every social media: Facebook, Instagram,…). It’s always a pleasure to talk about cognac. 



Cognac Hors d'Age Top 3 tasting notes

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