Jean Fillioux N°1 tasting notes

Jean Fillioux N°1 46%

A confidential cognac, a presumed 60 yo Grande Champagne. Here is the Jean Fillioux N°1 !
Jean Fillioux N°1 tasting notes


Confidential Grande Champagne 

This Jean Fillioux N°1 is said to be a 60yo Grande Champagne, but as it’s a confidential one, it’s quite difficult to know if it is its real age. Well, let’s try it !

Colour : Brown with orange lights. Regular  heavy  tears.

Nose : Floral and fruit at first. It’s very heady, like an elegant fragrance. Stewed exotic fruits (mainly pineapple). Orange blossom, verbena infusion. A great roundness too. Bourbon vanilla. Almond cake. Orange jam. Dried figs. A little of cocoa powder. A dash of licorice. A little camphory touch. Very interesting heady scents. Let’s reach to the palate now! 

Palate : Oily  and creamy texture. Then it goes very fruity. Pineapple juice. Passion fruits jam. It’s a very rich and round one. Vanilla cream. Licorice sweets. Maybe a little of wet undergrowth and  heavy cigar aromas. Cherry and fig jams. It’s on floral and fruity notes again. Lavender, orange blossom. Orgeat syrup. Ending on mint syrup. The mouth length is pleasant with this fresh touch on final notes, after a rich mix of various fruits.

Last Notes : The nose at first. Banana cake. Hazelnut cream. Pear yoghurt. A remarkable smoothness/creaminess. It’s a little peppery with more air. Some barley notes. Almond milk. A very fruity DNA for sure. Apple crumble. Tinned pears. A pleasant sugariness. A little spoon of milk chocolate. Let’s get back to the palate. Apricots jam. Raisins. Muesli. Toasted bread. Something well-balanced between freshness and creaminess. An elegant rancio on stewed fruits, particularly cherry and apricots. The texture remains creamy even after a long time in the glass. The last notes are focused on violet and orange sweets. The very end delivers us nice nougat notes and a little of fresh bread dough. 

Don’t know if this cognac is really 60yo but it’s actually a very nice one. A classic Grande Champagne, full of fruitiness and elegance. Well done Jean Fillioux !

My very subjective note : 88+/100

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