Jean Fillioux La Pouyade Hors d'Age tasting notes

Jean Fillioux Très Vieux 40%

Another old Fillioux on Hors d’Age!

Jean Fillioux Très Vieux 40%

Nice scents from La Pouyade

I’ve already tried some nice Jean Fillioux before, from various decades and with different ages. For some of them, it was a really nice experience, and for some others, it was a bit more complicated, most of the time because of the oakiness. Let’s see if this Très Vieux goes in the first category or not. Bottled at 40%, I’ve heard it is 25yo+ G.C but I can’t confirm this age information. 

Colour: Dark amber, orange lights. Regular medium tears. 

Nose: Nice entrance with welcoming fresh sandalwood notes and acidulous fruity notes on apricots and peaches. Lingering freshness with mentholated notes. Honeyed shades in the background. Precious wood scents with air. 

Palate: Light oily texture that carries nice rancioted fruity notes with tinned peaches and mango juice aromas. Solid mouth length (regarding the ABV) on exotic fruits but a little astringence on oak in the aftertaste. It ends with nice candied citruses aromas. 

Last Notes: Even more rancioted with air. You get mushroomy and cigar box shades. Still an ample fruitiness on tinned peaches. Heady orange blossom. Very elegant G.C. Back on the palate, you get a yummy mix of honeyed notes and tinned peaches aromas. But why 40%? Delicate breakfast tea notes in the background. The oakiness is reasonable here, and you feel the age of this cognac without eating a wood plank. 

This Jean Fillioux Tres Vieux is a nice G.C for sure. Round, fruity with some fresh tones. It can be more complex, but the major shortcoming really is the ABV. About the oakiness, I’d add that this one is quite preserved.  

My very subjective note: 85/100

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Jean Fillioux Très Vieux 40%
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