JLP Le Cognac de Claude L64

Jean-Luc Pasquet Le Cognac de Claude L64

1964. Beatles “Hard Day’s Night” album was just released. And a guy named Claude produced this cognac.

Jean-Luc Pasquet Le Cognac de Claude L64 47,4%

Shooting stars in Touzac sky 

For this one, it was a love at first sip. One that was in my top 10 of 2022 Whisky Live, even with the gorgeous line-up offered by Gordon & Macphail. Nothing less. So let’s study this gem with more precision.

Colour: Amber, orange lights. Irregular medium tears. 

Nose: Outrageous nose. Maraschino cherry scents combined with leathery and precious wood notes. Another rancio monster is coming? And then you get a full wagon of tropical fruits. Mango juice, passion fruit, and a few litchi shades in the background. Funky Claude in da place. Hints of tawny port wine notes. Delicate flowery scents on violet blossom too. 

Palate: Acidulous texture. Incredible entrance on juicy aromas of raspberry, cherry, and blackberry. Is this the Holy Engrenade of Antioch? Incredible mouth length with a fruity rancio on overripe strawberry and wormwood tones. Again some great maraschino aromas and other kirsch shades. It ends on fresh mint leaves and a few tea-ish notes. 

Last Notes: Even more rancioted with air. Full of wet undergrowth and mushroomy scents. Still full of tropical fruits, but you also get surprising acidulous sweet notes, like pineapple Haribo sweets (a french brand that makes pineapple-shaped sweets). Nice plum eau-de-vie shades in the background. You still get this mesmerizing, juicy texture on the palate, with delicious strawberry and blackcurrant shades. It ends on licorice sweets and nutmeg powder aromas. 

Another banger from the Pasquets. Many shades, a stunning palate, and a great balance between the heavy rancio and also more delicate notes. If only I could afford a demi-john of this one…Shooting stars are passing by. Make a wish Val, make a good one. 

My very subjective note: 91+/100

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JLP Le Cognac de Claude L64
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