Jean-Luc Pasquet Le Cognac de Pierre L'esprit de Famille Lot 62 Special Petite Champagne Week tasting notes Hors d'Age

Jean-Luc Pasquet “Le Cognac de Pierre” 41,3%

3rd step of this Special P.C Week. Here is Le Cognac de Pierre on Hors d’Age!
Jean-Luc Pasquet Le Cognac de Pierre L'esprit de Famille Lot 62 tasting notes Hors d'Age 2


From Jurignac with Love 

Here is a little reminder on this famous Lot 62 bought by the Pasquets to a P.C producer named Pierre de Joyet (thanks Steve Ury, Serious Brandy FB group admin):

Cask 1 (40.1% abv) Split: Serious Brandy #1 and Malternative Belgium
Cask 2 (40.4% abv) Split: Serious Brandy #2 and Wu Dram Clan (abv is mislabeled as 40.3% on the Serious Brandy bottling)
Cask 3 Not purchased
Cask 4 (41.9% abv) Split: Legacy Brandy “The Duke” and La Maison du Whisky Through the Grapevine
Cask 5 (41.3%) Pasquet L’Esprit de Famille “Le Cognac de Pierre”

Now it’s time for the tasting part.  Here is the Le Cognac de Pierre!

Colour: Amber, gold lights. Regular heavy tears.

Nose: Opulent and acidulous notes at first, especially on Arlequin sweets and overripe melon. Like La Corbeille de Fruits, it tends to become more and more sweet-like, especially on cherry and licorice sweets. Heavy notes of peach syrup. Cherry liquor scents are enhanced by great hints of acacia honey. Even with the nose, you can say that this one has a syrupy and acidulous texture. Delicious notes of strawberry tart. Infinite fruitiness. Then you get a nice mix of bitter chocolate and cherry perfume. Stunning evolution all along this nose part. Well, it’s time to reach the palate.

Palate: There it is. The typical texture that I was waiting for. Very acidulous underlined by a great acidity on young grapes. Then it goes on sweets aromas. Arlequin sweets, violet, and bergamot berlingots (traditional sweets from Nantes that are very acidulous and have a pyramid shape). Still this yummy mix of cherry and licorice sweets. Obvious peach and apricots syrup notes. Outstanding mouth length. A tad of acidity and bitterness in the background, mainly on grapefruit/lime juice. You get the wood influence on bitter chocolate and some delicate spicy notes, especially nutmeg powder. Discrete notes of fresh leather too.

Last Notes: With more air, the nose gains some freshness. Menthol, cardamom. A gentle wind abruptly swept away by the acidulous sweet-like monster. Blackberry jelly. Strawberry tart again. It lost a bit of sugariness and gets some creaminess. Cocoa butter, chocolate cake. Cocoa powder. Still a great freshness on fresh licorice. And the palate? Acidulous concerto on blackberry juice aromas. Nice tobacco notes in the aftertaste (reminds me of Romeo y Julietta Mille Fleurs lightness). Delicious tinned pears aromas paired with peach and apricot syrup notes. Indelible mouth length considering this “low” ABV (if you’re also a malt lover, you know what I mean). 

Is this another killer? Sure it is. Honestly, that’s a marvelous Petite Champagne. A tad above La Corbeille de Fruits. Yes, here is my favorite one from this great Lot 62, and it’s another proof that drinking cognac is a matter of shades. Delicious and precise notes, many aromatic spectra, stunning mouth length. 

My very subjective note: 91+/100

JLP website

Le Cognac de Pierre WhiskyFun review

Thanks, Amy and Jean for this one 

Jean-Luc Pasquet Le Cognac de Pierre L'esprit de Famille Lot 62 Special Petite Champagne Week tasting notes Hors d'Age

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