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Jean-Luc Pasquet Le Cognac de Regis 40,5%

And here is my Ballon d’Or for 2021: Le Cognac de Regis!
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Ballon d’Or 2021

A 62yo Grande Champagne from Criteuil-La-Magdaleine, a few kilometers southwest of JLP’s cellars. L59. 40,5%. Here is Le Cognac de Regis!

Colour: Dark amber, orange lights. Irregular heavy tears.

Nose: Very acidulous nose. Full of red berries at first. Very P.C-like. According to Amy & Jean, the soil is very specific in Criteuil-La-Magdaleine, so it could be an explanation of this similarity. Musk and animal notes. Incredible rancid notes on rancid butter, stables scents, old leather. A tad of heady orange blossom perfume in the background. Acidulous tones on cherry/grenadine sweets. What a kind of rancio here! It goes on very strong tobacco smells and wet undergrowth underlined by umami and flowery tones on black tea and rosewater. Wow. Still some red/blackberries shades, especially on cherry and blackcurrant.

Palate: As expected, very P.C-like on the palate too! Stunning acidulous and oily texture. Full of red berries: blackcurrant, blackberry jam, marasquin cherry surrounded by a vivid freshness on honeysuckle, sage, and peppermint. Umami notes again, mainly on salted soy sauce and dried mushrooms. The incredible fruitiness is underlined by fresh waves of licorice. The mouth length seems unreal. 40,5%? No way, you got to be kidding me! A very mushroomy and peppery aftertaste on white mushrooms sauce, cloves, and black pepper. This cognac is kinda dark with bright fruity shades.

Last Notes: Great verbena infusion with more air. Black tea again. Flowery and fresh tones, a nice touch of orange blossom, and candied lemon notes. Malt scents in the background that reminds me of some Campbeltown whiskies. Still a strong animal rancio on stable scents combined with elegant wood shades (cedarwood). A tad of truffle smells too. Distinct spiciness on cinnamon and cloves. Back on the palate. Sensational rancio on fruits, mainly melon marmalade and strawberry juice. Blackberry jelly too. Impressive umami and animal rancioted notes on soy soup, bolets and lamb meat. It ends on licorice and Bordeaux wine typical tannins. Stunning mouth length (again).

The empty glass is full of cherry syrup and light tobacco smells. Stop it!

Well, I have to admit that Le Cognac de Regis is my favorite cognac of the year (just a little more convincing than the Grosperrin G.C 35/41, as I tasted these 2 cognacs separately and in a confronting tasting session). Outstanding G.C in a very P.C style. Perfectly balanced between a stunning eau-de-vie and wonderful barrel effect. Thank you Amy and Jean for giving us the opportunity to taste this kind of jewel. 

My very subjective note: 93/100

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