Jean-Luc Pasquet Lot 62 for Serious Brandy tasting notes 2

Jean-Luc Pasquet Lot 62 Serious Brandy cask 2

Another JLP’s Petite Champagne: here is the Lot 62 Serious Brandy cask #2
Jean-Luc Pasquet Lot 62 for Serious Brandy tasting notes


Serious Petite Champagne

This 58yo Petite Champagne from a small producer is another Lot 62 bought by the Pasquets. I have already tasted the Malternative version, la Corbeille de Fruits, and it was quite convincing. Let’s see if this one can reach the same level. 

ColourOld gold, orange lights. Irregular heavy tears. 

Nose: Cider apple at first. Calvados-y notes, a bit like the Dupont by Cadenhead’s that I tasted. Heady exotic scents. Banana stew. Headier than the Malternative Belgium version. Orange peel smells. Few violet scents. Orange liquor. Mango juice. A tiny rancio on stable scents. It remains fruity, especially on apricots, cherries, and fig jam. Few roasted notes, mainly on roasted chestnuts and cocoa powder.

Palate: Sweet and oily texture. The same acidulous side as the Malternative Belgium. Arlequin and cherry sweets. Plums jam. Fresh licorice. A huge rancio on overripe fruits, mainly mango and pineapple. More exotic than the Malternative Belgium. Nutmeg. Cardamom. Licorice again. Black pepper. Yes, it gets spicier now with a tad of freshness. Menthol sweets for sure. Slight tobacco notes on the aftertaste. Great mouth length. A pleasant bitterness sticks to the palate, something on blackcurrant and guava juice.

Last Notes: Light roasted notes, especially on cocoa powder and coffee beans. A great fruitiness/sugariness mix with more air. Apricots jam surrounded by honey. Caramelized orange zest. Orange blossom too. And the palate? Quite licoricy again. More massive than the Malternative Belgium but less precise. Mango and pineapple juice aromas. It ends with great freshness. Peppermint, freshly cut parsley. That’s undoubtedly a nice one. 

Well, this Lot 62 for Serious Brandy is wilder and headier than the Malternative version, but in my humble opinion, it’s a bit less convincing. Another beautiful Petite Champagne by the way.

My very subjective note: 90/100

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Jean-Luc Pasquet Lot 62 for Serious Brandy tasting notes 3
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